Joan Farrenkopf is a multidisciplinary artist. Working in video, painting, photography and performance, she has exhibited nationwide as well as participated in venues in Berlin, Germany and Moscow, Russia.

In 2016, Farrenkopf was awarded full funding for an art residency in Berlin, Germany. During her residency in Berlin, her work was included in several gallery exhibitions and a solo public performance.

Currently Farrenkopf is receiving her MFA degree from Syracuse University. Her work is in the permanent collections of Canton Art Institute, Ohio. She is currently represented by galleries in North Carolina and St. John, Virgin Islands. She received a competitive arts scholarship to Syracuse University obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, with honors and distinction in photography.



Forming the formless, taming the spectacle, my life and my practice involve the constant pursuit of alternative.
Clear translations come in waves of perception -- mystical, subtle, overt; relational within the context of time. Objects, process, and inner vision seek balance in a wash of incongruity.

As a bridge between nations, my practice makes the unknown familiar by connecting new life with lost associations, all with a Heyoka's eye on the paradigm of potential.