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Site-specific Installation 

Inspirare defines space with large luminous color panels, contrasting with
architecture. The artwork's movement with the wind expresses an enduring element of time.


The artwork is in response to the aftermath of destructive acts heightening by terrorist attacks in Paris, France, and locally in our lives, places that have been touched by painful experience or loss or atrocity. This installations goal is to evoke consideration for potential change and consider reconciliation after an atrocity. The outcome of this public art installation is to encourage and signify a return to a given state to balance.


Inspirare will signify a place, define a site of historic significance. This physical external space also represents our internal personal space within which we have our individual consciousness. Our individual consciousness accumulates exponentially to reflect that of a greater collective consciousness. The intention is to subtly invite social involvement and spectacle.


2016; Kripalu Center, MA 

IMG_4636 2_edited.jpg

2016; Syracuse, NY

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