Inspirare was conceived in response to the aftermath of destructive acts, heightened by the terrorist attacks in Paris, France, and those ongoing throughout the world. Many lives have been touched by painful experience, loss or atrocity.  As a culture, can we make changes toward peaceful resolution? Can we find a way to rescript our experience or that of a collective community consciousness through art?  This installations goal is to evoke change and reconciliation following such atrocity. The outcome of this public art installation is to encourage and signify a return to a state of balance.

You Are My Relative

“We Are All Related” was the first generation that originated as a  sound sculpture. It transformed into a performance, "You Are My Relative" of refugees, immigrants, Germans, Syrians, Americans, and people with disabilities.


"You Are My Relative", examines acceptance and interaction, understanding and recognition of the convergence of differing cultures. Encouraging inquiry as humans relating to one another,  through these experience it questions ways we integrate or accept difference. 

The Talib Story

Returning to Berlin during the fall 2017 residency, I saw Germany experiencing a mass influx of immigrants from Syria as well as other countries. Our cultures continue to interface with each other. People from many different traditions are now living in and are part of Germany. How has this mass migration and immigration been met? How do we embrace relations with those who are new or different?


My first expression of these questions came to life in Talib, a video short. It is about the life of Talib’s immigration— having to flee Syria by foot, leaving his family and home to save his life.