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Outside In / Inside Out, Columbus Circles

Image 12-27-21 at 9.30 PM (1).jpg

Viewing Columbus circle from above there is a well crafted compass rose within a three sets of circles; the fountain, the metal benches and the wider circling granite benches. Depicted also in this historic area is a visual narrative focusing on cultural icons of city, church and state. 

Image 12-27-21 at 9.30 PM (2).jpg

The installation defines an outside space with large color circles. Circles intercept the existing landscape forming additional new relationships. This second focus signifies and includes the input of the broader community and a choice of perspective.

Image 12-27-21 at 9.30 PM.jpg

Monuments solidify a story narrative in the context from that time in history. I like to add the contemporary times to these original stories as representative of new changing stories of the greater community. Each of us has our story to add. We are all contributoring stories in history. 
People will be in their own circle in this historic place. There will be a 2 circle viewer, (like when we cup our hands to make a viewer like a telescope), located at the south end of the park which will allow the viewer to create a perspective, a focus into the new relationship surrounding the monument.  A viewer then can re-imagine their own contributing perspective through this viewer to the new Circle.

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